Vine has been catching on not only with individuals, but with companies both big and small. Particularly, restaurants have become adept at using Vine to promote their business. If you weren’t already aware Vine is a wildly popular Social Video App created by Twitter that allows you to create and share short videos. The videos are short and, therefore, have to capture the attention of the audience from the get go. The evidence is clear, and several restaurants have been engaging this app to promote their business and having been reaping the rewards. Here are 10 restaurants and food dignitaries that have been using this app to their advantage.

1. #CoolRanchDLT

Taco Bell used Vine to build anticipation for the launch of their spicy chicken meal – Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. The short video featured mouth-watering images of the new taco product. Towards the end of the video, the advertisement teased viewers with the release date further heightening the levels of anticipation.

2. #Premium Presidente

Chili’s Bar and Grill created a simple video to remind customers about one of their specialty items. The video only featured a margarita being poured but it still accomplished its mission- because it looked rather delicious while it was being poured.

3. Red Mango #DancingCup

Yogurt and Smoothie specialists, Red Mango in Sioux Falls posted a video of a dancing cup of hot chocolate. The succinct video showed customers just how energizing their products are.

4. #Valentine’s Gift

Mama Fu Asian restaurant offered a lifeline to those that forgot to get a Valentine’s Day gift for the special person in their life. The video featured a pink background with red hearts and sent a riveting reminder that Mama Fu was a great Valentine’s Day gift solution.

5. #Halupkis

Every day Black Forest Deli makes Halapukis. However, they used this everyday restaurant task to strike a chord with their audience. The video was funny and captured the audience from the onset when the little girl asked her mother if she was waking halupkis. It resonates with the audience and serves its purpose well.
6# TacoCake
The staff at Jack in the Box was certainly thinking “out of the box” when they created a video sending Selena Gomez a happy birthday message. Progressive bite marks on the restaurant’s taco cake revealed a special birthday message to the singer.

7. #RootyTheRootBear

A&W used Vine to reintroduce Rooty, their former Mascot. The video showed the mascot promoting the company’s Mini Polar Swirl.

8. #Octopus CookingSerious

Serious Westlake and PieDowntown reataurants created a video that showed foodies how they prepare their octopus stew. The video offered a rare opportunity for those who have never seen this dish prepared. It is an interesting video to watch and will have you salivating throughout.

9. #PeepsDance

Chocolatier and Dean of the International Culinary Center, Jacques Torres, created a video that displayed his undying love of sweets. The video was fun and engaging and does a pretty good job of showing off his brand.

10. #TheLeeBros

Lee Bros isn’t a restaurant or food establishment. In fact, their only connection with food is that they are the founders of a Southern food catalogue and are heavily involved with several food magazines. The brothers created a video and used Vine to highlight their passion for food.

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